Everything You Need to Know Before You Undertake a Home Addition Project

Everything You Need to Know Before You Undertake a Home Addition Project

Do you want to beat rising mortgage rates while still getting to live in a larger home? The answer may be a home addition. There are many things to consider, however, before you embark on a project of this magnitude. How do you ensure it will come out successfully?

The key lies in proper planning, of course, but also in taking a number of factors into account. The following checklist should help you understand the process more clearly.

Getting the Permits First

Did you know that most municipalities have bylaws governing residential buildings, and more specifically renovations? These bylaws may preclude you from carrying out certain modifications. What’s the point of coming up with grand ideas for your dream home if your municipal planning department doesn’t approve the drafted plans! You’ll also need to factor in the time required to obtain permits before you start your addition project.

Touring the Neighbourhood

Mine your neighbourhood for ideas. If you don’t want your home addition to turn heads for the wrong reasons, make sure your planned modifications are in keeping with the area’s characteristics, such as the age, style, and dimensions of surrounding properties. Moreover, as mentioned in the first section, your municipality may be reluctant to allow you to extend the residence to a certain width or height.

Setting Your Budget

The budget will vary depending on the type of addition: a basement excavation, a lateral extension, or a vertical addition. The other factors that will determine the number of zeros to tag on to the end of your budget number include the selected materials, overall square footage (interior and exterior, as the case may be), as well as the kind of work needed inside the home to merge the new space with the existing structure. We recommend you request a cost estimate from one or more specialist renovation companies.

Determining Your Needs

How much more square footage do you want? Does the work involve installing extra plumbing? To establish an adequate budget and set realistic expectations, you must first think carefully about why you’re interested in a home addition. For example, the new space may be for a teenager looking for more privacy. Or the objective may be to add a common living area that the whole family can enjoy. Keep this reason foremost in your mind as you make your choices!

Hiring the Right Contractor

An inexperienced contractor can turn your dream into a nightmare. Be sure to ask for a number of references and verify not only previous renovation experience, but also past home addition projects. Looking around the neighbourhood, discussed in the second section, can be equally valuable during this step. Have some of your neighbours completed similar renovations? Ask them which company they hired to get an idea of who to call… and who to avoid!

Finding a Good Designer

To achieve a result that meets all your expectations, there is no substitute for a good interior designer. This professional can not only draft plans according to your wishes, but also keep the budget and schedule under control. They should likewise be able to recommend a dependable building contractor and help you apply for the permits you need beforehand. You will rely on this person on from start to finish, so take the time to choose your project collaborator wisely! You must check their references and thoroughly review their portfolio. Do they typically work in the style you prefer, for example?

A home addition renovation can be both a stimulating and stressful experience. Unexpected expenses and delays can make even the most easy-going homeowner lose their cool. You must consider all these aspects when planning your project! But remember that when it comes to real estate, this type of investment will undoubtedly increase your house’s value.

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