The Key Questions to Ask When Viewing a House

The Key Questions to Ask When Viewing a House

Have you started visiting properties in your quest for your dream home? Here are some questions you must absolutely ask to get all the facts and avoid buyer’s regret.

In fact, while the Declarations by the Seller is usually complete, it may not cover some aspects that could alter your opinion of the residence. You may equally want to clarify some of the details this document contains with the owners.

Will You Have to Carry Out Any Renovations Relatively Soon?

Before buying a house, it’s important to know its age and if it has undergone any renovations. Find out, moreover, what work is needed to estimate any extra costs that you will have to pay over and above the residence’s purchase price. Inquire, for example, about the plumbing, the water heater, the state of the roof and exterior cladding.

Has There Been an Insurance Claim?

You must similarly confirm if a claim for damages has ever been submitted for the property. Has there been a fire or flood? Have tests revealed traces of asbestos or radon? Is mould present? Are there cracks in the foundation or structure? These are all excellent questions to ask.

Is the House Well Insulated?

Don’t underestimate the importance of insulation when acquiring a home because a poorly insulated building comes with high energy costs. As a matter of fact, you can find out how much the current owner is paying for Hydro-Québec’s services. Another relevant question is if the house is heated with electricity or gas. This is a vital consideration! Finally, how old are the windows and are they still airtight? You will equally want to know if the residence is well soundproofed.

Is Everything to Code?

Having to rewire an electrical system that does not adhere to the Régie du bâtiment’s norms costs a small fortune, so you’d better make sure that the one in place complies with building codes. Confirm that the electrical panel is in good condition as well. Are the pool and patio up to standards? These are just a few points to discuss.

What Does the Sale Include?

Before purchasing a new house, you must know its precise dimensions, its lot’s boundaries, the available parking spaces. You need to be aware of which, if any, of the residence’s fittings and fixtures are not part of the sale (such as the light fixtures) as well. Sometimes, homeowners exclude some of these components to allow for negotiation with potential buyers. 

What’s It Like Living in this Neighbourhood?

Not only must you investigate your prospective home, but you should also research the surrounding community. Is the neighbourhood quiet? What is the crime rate? Are there grocery stores and schools nearby? Are the neighbours friendly? This information is not part of the Declarations by the Seller! Additionally, find out how much the local municipal and school taxes are. These vary from sector to sector and are an expense you must budget for.

Asking these questions will help you sift through all the properties you have seen, and choose the one that suits you and your needs the best. If you want to avoid forgetting any details, don’t hesitate to take notes!

However, by having a real estate broker by your side, all this work can be taken care of for you. Their primary goal is to make sure you find the right house for you: they know what questions to raise with the owner and their broker.

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