Pets in Condo Buildings: How to Ensure Everyone Gets Along

Pets in Condo Buildings: How to Ensure Everyone Gets Along

More and more buildings are banning animals, with this restriction mainly concerning dogs. Property damage and potential noise issues are usually the motivating factors behind this choice.

You may be the owner of a unit in a building that does accept pets. Great! They’re family after all! It’s important, however, to avoid conflict with the other residents by being a good neighbour. 

The Consequences of a Disruptive Pet

Of course, just because pets are allowed in a condo building doesn’t mean they can cause a ruckus, just like for any other type of nuisance. Irritants include a dog that barks constantly or that jumps on people in the common areas. Another example: an owner who doesn’t pick up after their pet outside the building’s front entrance. The syndicate of co-owners may fine the owner or even send formal notices requesting that they give up their pet. 

The Rules Can Change

In the case of a large building where many unit owners have pets that have become a nuisance, the syndicate of co-owners may, during a general meeting, propose that the bylaw regarding pets be modified. If at least 75% of owners, representing 90% of the votes cast are in favour, a new rule prohibiting animals can be adopted. Nevertheless, more accommodating rules can be enacted instead, such as only banning dogs weighting 25 lb or more.

Proper Petiquette

To give yourself the best chance of not losing the right to keep your four-legged companion, you must limit any possible inconvenience to your neighbours. If your fur baby barks or whines while you’re away, specialized training could make all the difference. Anti-bark collars that release a burst of citronella are also available on the market (try it out if your dog hates this smell!).

To maintain good relations with your neighbours, it’s likewise essential that you clean up after your pet, whether it’s dirty paw prints on the hallway walls, a little tinkle in the elevator, or poop by the building’s front entrance. Keep wipes with you at all times and clean as you move about with your pet in the building and outdoors. Don’t forget that the building’s surveillance cameras allow the syndicate to identify the “guilty party” and send them a fine.


In short, mutual respect is the key to ensuring that pets and condo residents live together harmoniously!

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