A Win-Win Partnership: How You Can Help Your Real Estate Broker Sell Your Home

A Win-Win Partnership: How You Can Help Your Real Estate Broker Sell Your Home

As a professional, your broker doesn’t really require your assistance to find a buyer for your home. However, close collaboration between the owner and the real estate broker can make for a faster or smoother sale. 

By working hand in hand, you can streamline the sale process and boost your chances of concluding a successful transaction. Here are some tips on how you can actively contribute.

Talk About Your Expectations

Communication is the key to a fruitful partnership. From the outset, speak frankly with your broker when discussing your expectations and objectives concerning the sale. Clearly outline your priorities, whether it’s the need to sell quickly, a specific price, or any other significant considerations. With a good understanding of your aims, your broker can adapt their strategy accordingly. For their part, thanks to their extensive experience, they can also guide you through all the decisions you need to make.

Follow Your Broker’s Direction Regarding Price

As a matter of fact, your broker knows all there is to know about your region’s real estate market. Trust their advice when it comes to setting the price as it’s based on an in-depth analysis of comparables and market trends. A competitive price—or at least a fair one—is often essential in getting potential buyers through the door, and your broker’s expertise on this topic is invaluable.

Provide Detailed Information About Your Property

Cooperate with your broker by providing accurate information about your property. Save important documents such as plans, maintenance bills and renovation records. They need all this information to answer potential buyers’ questions and facilitate the negotiation process. Such information will help them get to know your home better and therefore highlight its strengths more easily.

Share the Listing on Your Social Networks

Leverage your social media networks to promote your house. Post photos and details on your social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Your friends, family and colleagues can play a central role in spreading the word and finding potential buyers. The important thing is to maximize your listing’s visibility! 

Prepare the Property for Viewings

First impressions can make or break a real estate sale. Make sure your house is spotless for showings. Carry out minor repairs, depersonalize the rooms and ensure the home is adequately illuminated. A well cared for and well-presented residence is far more attractive to potential buyers. They’ll feel they’re getting great value for money on the property they’re purchasing, or even a steal. And don’t hesitate to make the space more inviting with scented candles!

Make Yourself Available for Visits

Being accommodating when planning visits is crucial. Readily allow potential buyers to come and see your house when it suits their schedule. The more available your property is, the greater the chances are that it will rapidly find a new owner, especially in a buyer’s market. This means it must stay clean and tidy at all times, or as near as you can manage. This is obviously the most tedious aspect of selling a home!

Remain Open to Advice and Suggestions

Accept feedback from your broker and potential buyers. If you receive a bit of constructive criticism, be prepared to take steps to enhance your property’s appeal. Flexibility can play a crucial part in sealing the deal.

Stay Patient and Positive

Selling a home can occasionally require some time. Keep a positive attitude, have patience, and continue to work closely with your broker. Real estate markets can be volatile, and perseverance in combination with a proactive approach is often the key to success.


By following our advice and keeping communication channels open, you can significantly contribute to the sale process, making the whole experience far more pleasant and efficient.

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By RE/MAX Québec

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