Do You Have a Swimming Pool? You Have Until 2025 to Comply with New Safety Regulations

Do You Have a Swimming Pool? You Have Until 2025 to Comply with New Safety Regulations

Did you know that as of September 30, 2025, all residential pools must meet specific safety standards? In fact, the Québec government has passed legislation which aims, first and foremost, to protect children.

Yours, visitors’, and any other kids living in your neighbourhood that could be tempted to access your pool while you aren’t there to supervise. Who could not be in favour of such measures! Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that the mandatory modifications will hit homeowner hard in the wallet. Here are the key points to keep in mind. 

Not Just Any Fence Will Do

Previously, homeowners with swimming pools built prior to 2010 were exempt from certain safety regulations, such as having a fence. Now, by September 30, 2025, all inground and semi-inground pools, no matter the year they were installed, must be surrounded by an enclosure.

Furthermore, this barrier must be completely impassable. A hedge or a low stone wall, for example, is insufficient. In point of fact, only fences, whether made of wrought iron, meta or glass, are acceptable. The fence must equally be at least 1.2 metres high and prevent the passage of a 10 cm diameter ball (between the bars or at ground level).

Some Aboveground and Inflatable Pools Need to Be Secured as Well!

Likewise, a portable (inflatable) pool with a water depth of over 60 cm and a wall height of 1.4 m must be surrounded by a fence. Same thing goes for aboveground pools with a wall height below 1.2 metres.

An Effective Fence Gate

The law also requires that the gate close automatically after being opened, by means of a spring latch mechanism, for example. Another very important stipulation is that the latch be installed inside the gate, so that it’s difficult for children to reach.

Beware of “Easily Climbable” Objects

What’s the point of erecting a fence if it can be effortlessly jumped over with the help of something left nearby? With this in mind, the Regulation stipulates that any structure or fixed object must be positioned more than one metre away from the fence. So remember to adequately distance any landscaping components from the pool’s enclosure (such as play structures, flowerpots, filtration systems, water heaters and other equipment) to prevent a foolhardy child from using them to scale the fence. 

Obtain a Permit

Municipalities are responsible for enforcing this law within their boundaries. All regulations contained therein must thus be adhered to. That’s why obtaining a permit before carrying out any modifications to your backyard is so important. The authorities will be able to confirm that your plans comply with regulations before granting you a permit. You certainly wouldn’t want an inspector to inform you that your fence is in the wrong place and must be moved.

Your Municipality May Impose Stricter Rules

Be aware also that your municipality may have adopted additional, stricter bylaws. The Regulation only prescribes minimum standards. For example, your city government may have set spring 2025 as the deadline for erecting a fence or may have decided that no garden shed can be situated at less than 2 metres for the pool. Make sure you check!

What Happens When You Purchase a House with a Non-Compliant Pool?

Since the September 30, 2025, deadline is fast approaching, it has become increasingly necessary for sellers to state in the Declarations by the Seller that their pool doesn’t comply with municipal bylaws or the provincial regulations. It’s an issue that may also be raised during the pre-purchase inspection. In any case, for two comparable residences, one with a secure swimming pool and the other without, buyers will undoubtedly prefer for the former.

You can find all the information you need as well as other applicable regulations by consulting the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation on the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation’s website. You have until September 30, 2025, to comply (or perhaps earlier, depending on your municipality). Get started now!

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