Are You Using These 7 Household Objects Incorrectly?

Are You Using These 7 Household Objects Incorrectly?

Did you know that you probably aren’t using common kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom items properly? As a matter of fact, many of us are committing the same mistakes without even realizing it!

Here are just a few examples of devices and appliances that could truly become more efficient and convenient if you use them as intended.

The Oven’s Bottom Drawer

It seems like the ideal spot to store baking sheets and other cooking utensils; however, the purpose of the drawer beneath your oven isn’t to provide extra storage but to be used as a warmer. Remember this the next time you host a big dinner party! You just need to give it a good wipe down before placing the freshly baked lasagna inside to keep it hot while your guests finish their appetizers.

The Dishwasher

Most of us don’t operate this appliance correctly, or at the very least we do so ineffectively. Maybe you’re thinking that this is probably the case for your spouse or roommate. Improper uses include:

  • Overloading the dishwasher: This prevents the appliance from working as it should by blocking the jets or, worse, the mechanism.
  • Rinsing the dishes: Your appliance already has a built-in rinse cycle. Furthermore, pre-rinsing the dishes under running water before washing them wastes a lot of this precious resource. You should only really rinse beforehand if you don’t plan to run the appliance right away—you still want to avoid bits of food drying and sticking onto your plates!
  • Not cleaning it frequently: Food debris will accumulate over time inside this appliance. This build-up can damage it or impede its washing ability. Once a week, remove the bottom filter and rinse it thoroughly with water before putting it back in.  

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner…

Have you swapped your traditional vacuum cleaner for an automated model? What a mistake! This very practical and popular device isn’t designed to replace its larger counterpart, but rather to work in conjunction with it. The small robot isn’t as effective at removing fine dust particles. You should therefore only run it to maintain your floors between deeper cleaning sessions.

… And The Traditional Vacuum

You know all those additional parts that originally came with your vacuum? They’re for completing specific cleaning chores other than vacuuming the floor, like the curtains, couches, light fixtures, baseboards, or surfaces with a special texture. Few people take advantage of these accessories, which is why they’re considered misused household objects. Besides, you may wear out your main nozzle more quickly, or even the device itself, by not attaching the correct tool. For example, a shaggy carpet will generate more friction if vacuumed with the inappropriate brush.

The Ceiling Fan

The blades’ rotational direction must change with the seasons. So then, which way should they turn, and when? On hot days, the fan should run counterclockwise. On cold days, the fan should run clockwise. Operating it this way makes the most of hot air’s natural tendency to rise and cold air’s natural tendency to sink. Doing so will also help you lower your energy bills!

The Plunger

Few tasks are as unpleasant as having to unplug a blocked toilet. Unless it’s struggling to get the job done with the wrong tool! If your plunger has a flat bottom, it’s actually a suction cup exclusively intended to clear sinks. A toilet plunger is bell shaped. Don’t confuse the two—especially after use!

The Cellphone Charger

Most people leave their phone plugged in to charge all night long, which in fact has the opposite effect. To compensate for the minimal power loss, a plugged-in cellphone will oscillate between a full and a semi-full charge. This prematurely shortens the battery’s life. Instead, wait for the battery level to drop to 15% or lower before charging it (although we agree that letting it get so low can be stressful!)

Surprised by some of this information? Which everyday household devices and appliances have you been using incorrectly?

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