All the Benefits of Signing a Brokerage Contract

All the Benefits of Signing a Brokerage Contract

The purchase of a property is often one of life’s most stressful moments. Ideally, to simplify the process, you will hire a professional and sign a brokerage contract.

By partnering with a real estate broker, you can rest assured that you have an expert by your side who can guide you through every step of the transaction. Before you start visiting properties, you will sign a brokerage contract. This legal document offers several advantages. 

1.   Legal Protection

All the broker’s obligations are stipulated in the brokerage contract, and this is what protects your interests, especially if a mistake or omission should occur during the purchase process.


2.   Access to All Properties

Did you know that a broker has the right to solicit properties that are not yet on the market? They also have access to privileged information regarding residences that will shortly be listed for resale. They can then share this information with you, their client!


3.   Proof That You Are Serious

When the real estate market overheats and there are more buyers than sellers, holding a brokerage contract is irrefutable proof that you are serious about acquiring a property. This step can save you quite a few headaches, mainly in the event of a bidding war, as your broker will thus have an additional argument in your favour: how committed a buyer you are.


4.   The Ability to Make the Right Decision

The broker with whom you have signed a contract to purchase a property wants to provide you with the best experience possible. They will facilitate the process for you, help you determine which neighbourhoods most suit your family’s needs, and point out some of the viewed homes’ flaws so that you choose one that truly corresponds to your particular life situation. During visits, this professional can likewise highlight a residence’s potential as well as the ways in which it could conceivably be improved.


5.   A Professional Who Works for You

Contrary to the sellers’ broker, you own broker will act in the best interest of the buyer: you! Their objective, therefore, is to assist you in buying the property you want at the best possible price. They will conduct the negotiations in your name while you will be the one to determine all the transaction’s negotiable terms, like the sale price, the conditions and the fittings and fixtures you wish to include. All in collaboration with your broker and following their sound advice, of course!

1.   No Blind Spots

Do you know what the final amount of your transaction will be, including all the ancillary fees such as the notary, the property transfer tax, or the move? Your broker will help you make sense of everything. Moreover, thanks to their network of contacts, they can refer you to a good building inspector, mortgage broker, notary, or any other real estate professional whose services you may require.  

2.   RE/MAX Tranquilli-T Program Coverage

When you sign a brokerage contract with a participating RE/MAX broker, you will enjoy additional protection. The Tranquilli-T program has 3 components: delay and withdrawal, death, legal assistance and small claims. Visit their website for all the details or contact a franchise-owning real estate broker.

Having all this information, as well as many other aspects, in writing, in a legally binding brokerage contract will certainly contribute to your peace of mind while you search for your new property. Contact your choice of real estate broker to learn more. 

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By RE/MAX Québec

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