All the Advantages of Living in a Two-Storey House

All the Advantages of Living in a Two-Storey House

Are you thinking about having a house built or buying an existing one? Should you opt for a one-storey or a two-storey residence?

Both types of dwelling offer significant benefits, some of which might in fact turn out to be essential criteria in your decision-making process. Here are a few reasons that may make you lean towards a two-storey home.

To Minimize Noise

Are you a parent? Do you love having your friends over to chat over drinks? Or would you like to be able to watch action movies at full volume without disturbing your kids’ sleep? A two-storey house is probably more adapted to your needs!

Are you sharing your home with teenagers or young adults and don’t want to be woken up when they come home late from a party several hours after you have gone to bed? Put their bedroom in the basement and yours on the second floor! Peace and quiet guaranteed! All the more so if you renovate to add soundproofing material, for example under the floor or in the ceiling between the two levels.

For Separate Living Areas

A good reason to choose a two-storey house is that it allows for greater separation between living areas with the kitchen and living room on the ground floor, the children’s playroom in the basement and the bedrooms on the second floor, for example. You could likewise dedicate one floor to relaxation and set up your home office for telework on another. 

It is harder to create distinct zones in a single-storey dwelling, especially if it has an open-concept floor plan.

To Save Money

In cities, where space is at a premium, a two-storey house provides a large amount of square footage relative to its lot’s modest size. You will equally save money by purchasing a smaller plot of land. Therefore, for the same price as a single-level residence, you could become the happy owner of a much nicer two-storey home.

Moreover, two-storey homes typically have more eye-catching facades. By playing with shapes and dimensions, a number of residential architectural styles can be achieved whether you prefer a contemporary or more traditional-looking home.  

To Give Each Room a Different Decor

A two-storey house also gives you the opportunity to have fun with the decor! A unified decor scheme from room to room is best for a single-level dwelling to avoid any jarring contrasts. Doubly so if it’s open concept.

In a residence with a second level, every room can have its own ambiance without it becoming visually distracting.

The Drawbacks of a Two-Storey House

And yet, in the end, a two-level home may not be right for you. If you have an elderly family member living with you, for example, or if you have trouble getting around or joint pain. It is likewise not the safest choice if you have very young children. In that case, you will have to install safety gates and remember to close them behind you every time you go by.

As you can see, two-storey residences offer many advantages, whether it be more distinct living areas or greater privacy. All that’s left for you to do now is make an appointment to view some properties to find the house that best suits your needs. Good luck with your search and don’t hesitate to ask your RE/MAX broker any questions you may have to find your dream home!

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