8 Future Home Design Innovations That Could Become a Reality

8 Future Home Design Innovations That Could Become a Reality

Fantasizing about the future is always exciting! So, how can we expect our homes to evolve in the upcoming years? Science fiction or reality: here are eight innovations that might become a part of our everyday lives. 

Improving our quality of life is not simply a matter of building robots to carry out daily tasks for us. The environment and community safety must likewise be considered. Let’s take a peek at eight potential changes we can look forward to.

1.   More Wood

Less concrete and more wood will be used in home construction to reduce its carbon footprint. Companies are even working on developing wood species that are fire-resistant and that can support three to four times current loads to be able to build upward. Ingenious!

2.   Denser Neighbourhoods

Speaking of multistorey building, neighbourhoods will continue to densify in order to limit environmentally damaging urban sprawl. Consequently, residences will be smaller and often take the form of condominiums. Easier to heat and cool, such homes will likewise be more energy efficient, which is as good for the planet as it is for the wallet.

3.   A Smart Oven in the Kitchen

Home chefs will want to acquire an automated device with touchscreen and voice activation. The features will include cameras pointed at the stove to watch videos (cooking tutorials, for example) or to help you upload content to your social media channels. 

4.   Ubiquitous Tiny Homes

Multigenerational homes and tiny homes built in the backyard or alley will help many seniors fulfill their wish of growing old within their family. Densifying urban populations is an equally good way of reducing protecting the environmental. This type of residential arrangement is likely to become more and more frequent in the coming years.

5.   More Robots

Robot vacuums are increasingly popular among homeowners. Other kinds, like clothes folding robots, may shortly be available to assist with household tasks. A helping hand for large families! Equipment that cleans pools and androids that feed pets are already on the market. They will soon all be connected to a practical device that you will be able to configure so that the robots will automatically carry out selected chores.

6.   A Smart Toilet

COVID taught us that it is possible to determine infection rates by testing wastewater. Smart toilets will use similar procedures to analyze our various biomarkers. Are you the type of person to take health advice from your toilet?

7.   Progression of 3D Printers

The use of 3D printing will probably grow exponentially. Not only will there a printer in every home, but we will be able to employ them to create meals as good as anything you could order in a restaurant. And even homes will eventually be 3D printed. A Japanese company has recently accomplished the feat of designing a completely 3D printed tiny house. Production—wholly automated—has reduced construction time per building to only 24 hours. This is therefore a significant step forward in terms of providing affordable housing. 

8.   Smart Walls

Forget printed photos and paintings on canvas! In the future, walls be smart, and you will be able to change their colour and pattern to suit your mood or to create the ambiance you want. You will therefore be able to update your decor in record time and very cheaply!


Which potential future home innovation are your most fascinated by?

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