5 Potential Turnoffs for Homebuyers

5 Potential Turnoffs for Homebuyers

Real estate market trends appear to be slowly reversing, which is good news for those looking to purchase a property. If you’re planning to put your home on the market, however, you may have to redouble your efforts to ensure it charms future buyers.

If you want to get the best price possible, it’s in your best interest to avoid the following negatives that could cause your residence to rank last in potential buyers’ hearts.

An Outdated Kitchen or Bathroom

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the space that seals the deal for most buyers. Conversely, a dated kitchen can definitely drive away serious offers. Ditto for bathrooms. The reason is that both these rooms require a lot of time—and money—to renovate. The thought of having to undertake such a large-scale project may squash buyers’ interest. The best course of action is to modernize the most outmoded components to hopefully make up for the fact that the room hasn’t been completely remodeled. For example, a new countertop in the kitchen and vanity in the bathroom, together with a trendy faucet in both rooms, could help distract from the shabby floors.

Too-Bold Renovation Choices

To appeal to most buyers, steer clear of flamboyant colours when designing your space. You may love an eclectic maximalist decor, but this is not what most people prefer. If this is your forever home, then great! Personalize the house as much as you like! However, if your plan is to sell rapidly, stick to neutral tones and materials, in a traditional or contemporary style. Don’t feel at home in this greige house you have to live in for the moment? Make the space your own by integrating temporary decor elements (on the walls, with textiles, etc.).

 Poor Quality Work

Unless he’s properly certified, your brother-in-law is probably not the ideal contractor to carry out any necessary renovations. Incorrectly executed work, such as badly laid tiles, a jaw-dropping addition (not in a good way), a gap between two different flooring materials, or a slanting deck, raises big red flags for people viewing your property. They’ll only see the additional cash they’ll have to invest to repair all these mistakes. 

Inadequate Overall Maintenance

A roof that needs reshingling, leaky windows, water damage, cracks in the foundation, and old plumbing or electrical systems are all very expensive and unpleasant repairs to undertake.

Unkempt Landscaping

A yard overgrown with weeds is not only unappealing; it may pose certain risks that buyers won’t want to take, such as having become a breeding ground for pests and harmful insects. Dead trees not only mar the beauty of the surroundings, they’re also dangerous. What if a branch or the trunk should fall on the house… or on visitors?


If you have failed to maintain your property properly, you probably shouldn’t expect the next buyers to shower it with love and attention. Consider remedying the situation by carrying out the needed work before you put it on the market. If you prefer not to do so, you can simply reduce to price to attract the kind of buyer who wants to take on such a project. The choice is yours!

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